R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance

R.O.H.A.N.: is an MMORPG located on the continent of Rohan. On this continent you will find many quests that you can carry out, "from the simplest to the most glorious." When you first enter the game, you can choose from 9 different races (Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dhan, Dark Elves, Giant, Dekan, Trinity and Aesir), with each race having unique skills and game play. Fight for glory and enjoy our PVP system, with many options to do PVP, as Power arena, Township battle and open world PVP where every player will feel the fights are important as they can get items when killing other players. Take revenge with our Vengeance system that allows to teleport and fight the players who kill you! Now is your time to embark on an epic adventure full of fearsome bosses and massive battles. To finally transcend and be blessed by the own gods.


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